By EW Staff
November 29, 2018 at 04:00 PM EST

Six-time Tony winner Audra McDonald returns in 2019 for the third season of The Good Fight on CBS All Access.

The main thing about Christine is that her versatility is just off the charts. This is a woman who can not only sing and dance brilliantly, but is an incredible dramatic actress and an incredible comedic actress. Usually you don’t get one of those things, let alone all four.

Then, on top of all of that, to have her be one of the most giving, loyal people I’ve ever met. She knows how to lead a set, too. Anytime we have a new person come [onto The Good Fight], whether it’s a day player or somebody new on the crew, she is the first person to walk up to them and say, “Hello. Welcome. My name is Christine.”

Credit: Patrick Ecclesine/CBS

She doesn’t assume that you know who she is, although of course you know she’s Christine. She’s just the kindest, sweetest, most professional woman, and also the most elegant. She’s always been a role model to me. I think she’s right up there with Meryl Streep.

I mean, [when you watch her] you’re transported with whatever it is that she’s doing. Whether she’s some boozy dancing queen in Mamma Mia!, or playing a wicked stepmother singing her face off in Into the Woods, or a murderous, pie-making Stephen Sondheim antiheroine in Sweeney Todd, there’s nothing you don’t believe that she does. It’s given with 100 percent commitment and 100 percent brilliance of craft.

—As told to Sarah Rodman

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