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Andy Serkis will never be able to escape Gollum. That’s his good fortune and his curse. On The Late Late Show, he was once again asked by James Corden to perform the impression, but at least this time it was hilariously self-referential.

“No! Please don’t make me do Gollum. I don’t want to do it,” he started in his Sméagol voice.

Then Gollum came out. “Yes you do, precious. You do,” he said.

The two characters warred over doing the impression, but Gollum reminded Sméagol “it’s how you made your living for f— sake.”

Serkis, the master of motion-capture, gave Corden and fellow Late Late Show guest Michael Peña a tutorial on how to do his past characters. He taught them the lip thing that comes with playing Baloo in his new film Mowgli, the knuckle walk of Caesar from the Planet of the Apes prequel movies, and also how to properly beat their chests like an ape.

Gollum, however, is never far behind.

“It feels like there was life before and life after,” Serkis writes about his time with the Peter Jackson movies in the foreword to Ian Nathan’s book Anything You Can Imagine. He remarks, “I sensed that my life was never going to be the same again.”

Now his life is filled with Gollum impressions.

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