By Nick Romano
November 28, 2018 at 08:43 AM EST
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Make no mistake, Jon Stewart is happy to be out of the late-show game — the “turd miner” business, as he calls it — in the age of Trump. But for Stephen Colbert’s episode of The Late Show, filmed before the Thanksgiving break, he obliged his old chum in taking over the desk to interview Colbert, talk shop, and answer whether or not he misses his time at The Daily Show.

As we just established, he doesn’t really.

“You and I both famously know we were turd miners. We toiled in the turd mines,” Stewart said of his time manning his own desk. “We both lost many people close to us to turd lung,” he joked. “It’s been a terrible thing. So working at The Daily Show, I felt as though I was toiling in the turd mines and then I finally quit and then a giant turd asteroid heads towards the planet.”

In this analogy, that “turd asteroid” would be President Trump, who Stewart also refers to as “F—face von Clownstick.”

“In this instance,” he continued, “if someone said, ‘You were a turd miner. This is the largest turd deposit ever seen. Don’t you wish you were in there?’ And you’re just like, ‘I’m out of the turd business. I’m out.'”

In the extended interview, the pair went deeper into their time together working comedy — that time Colbert stood in for Al Sharpton on The Daily Show and missed his Lord of the Rings screening, working stand-up comedy, and more Trump talk.

Other guests Kerry Washington and Neil DeGrasse Tyson followed Stewart’s lead in taking over the Late Show to interview Colbert. “Even in a show that I pre-recorded so that I wouldn’t have to host a show, I’m still not hosting that show,” Colbert joked.

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