Welcome back, Young Justice.

On Tuesday, DC Universe unveiled the official trailer for Young Justice: Outsiders, the third season of the beloved young superhero animated series, which returns after an extended hiatus. In season 3, Nightwing, Superboy, and and the rest of the team will tackle the problem of metahuman teen trafficking and the ensuing arms race to control these powerful youths. Based on the trailer, the latest mission will literally be out of this world.

“We are on in a mission in space!” exclaims the new Kid Flash/Bart Allen, in the trailer. “Just like the Justice League!” replies Wonder Girl/Cassie.

Watch the trailer — which also features Batman, Metamorpho, and Katana — above.

In case you forgot, season 2, which aired from 2012-2013, concluded with Kid Flash/Wally West sacrificing himself to stop an alien invasion. In the wake of that devastating loss, the Justice League invited the youngsters with attitude to join them on the Watchtower. However, all was not well as the finale ended with the foreboding introduction of Darkseid, who is essentially the ultimate Big Bad of the DC Comics universe.

In addition to dealing with the metahuman trafficking problem and the aftermath of season 2, the new season will also introduce the DC Comics hero Brion Markov (Troy Baker), the Prince of Markovia, who discovers he has the metahuman gene and will spend the season adjusting to his new powers.

Ahead of the show’s highly-anticipated return, DC Universe will give members access to a prequel comic book series on Jan. 2-3, and release “enhanced” season 1 and season 2 episodes featuring commentary from the producers, cast, and other DC experts every Tuesday from Dec. 4-25.

Young Justice: Outsiders has fairly weird release plan. DC Universe will drop three new episodes every Friday from Jan. 4-14. For the midseason finale, it will drop four new episodes on Jan. 25, and then the back half of the season will resume in June 2019.

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