Glenn Close offered a split-second, but spot-on impression of Steven Spielberg’s E.T. on The Tonight Show that will have you fan-casting her in the inevitable remake. If Close can play an intergalactic space commander, a bearded pirate, and Cruella de Vil, why the heck not?

The actress, seen in this year’s The Wife, was playing a game of 5-Second Summaries with host Jimmy Fallon, a game in which she had five seconds to get Fallon to guess whatever was on her card.

When it came to E.T., she had but one word: raising a curled finger to the sky, she said, “Home.” That was all it took.

Although, maybe instead of a remake, an E.T.-related Funny or Die sketch with Close doing exactly that would suffice. Stay away from E.T., Hollywood!

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