We got our first good look at the Whisperers in Sunday’s midseason finale of The Walking Dead, which culminated with the revelation — after a shocking main character death — that they were indeed humans wearing zombie skin masks over their faces.

And in a trailer for the second half of season 9, which will be returning on Feb. 10, we get a glimpse of the new group’s leaders Alpha and Beta. You can see Samantha Morton’s Alpha (judging by the bald head, the distinctive look from her comic book counterpart) only from the back and from far away, but we get a much cleaner look at her top lieutenant Beta (played by Ryan Hurst), who looks like some sort of heavy metal zombie. There also appears to be a one-on-one battle between Daryl and Beta as well as a last shot teasing Negan’s return to the Sanctuary.

Check all that out and more in the trailer above, and also make sure to check out our midseason finale interviews with Tom Payne and Angela Kang.

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