By Dana Schwartz
November 26, 2018 at 05:45 PM EST
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Since the premiere of HBO’s Girls in 2012, Lena Dunham has been an object of fascination, resentment, jealousy, and hatred. Recently, mostly hatred. The writer and actress has become synonymous with white-girl feminism and the indulgence our culture permits wealthy women of privilege, and allowed to apologize for missteps over and over and over again. In an in-depth interview with New York Magazine’s Allison P. Davis, the ever-exhibitionist Dunham was characteristically open, revealing details of her painful chronic illness, her breakup with Jack Antonoff, and how to move forward when your name is a loaded word. Here are a few of the things we learn.

Dunham knows she has a… complicated history with pets.

Still, Dunham maintains that she’s a “very committed pet owner. Ask anybody who works with me on a pet level.”

She’s in treatment for PTSD

Dunham admitted to recovering from a Klonopin addiction within the year, and looks back on her addiction and personality while on the drug as a source of many of her strained relationships. Getting clean was one of many steps for Dunham to treat her mental illness.

She heard the rumors about ex Jack Antonoff cheating on her with Lorde

When Dunham and her boyfriend of six years split, rumors swirled that the musician (who had produced Lorde’s most recent album) had cheated on her with the Australian pop star.

Dunham and former production partner Jenni Konner are not on the best terms

The two were co-showrunners on Girls and co-creators of Camping. The now-defunct Lenny Letter was a combination of their names. In July, they announced their professional split.

Her mother doesn’t enjoy Dunham’s public exhibitionism the way she does

Dunham’s mom, acclaimed artist Laurie Simmons, doesn’t share her daughter’s proclivity for publicizing every aspect of their lives. During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Dunham pranked her mom by texting her pictures of horrible outfits she said she was thinking of wearing, and then FaceTimed her live to reveal they were on air.

Simmons also registered her distaste with the photos Dunham posted, of her and her family, while they were at the hospital.

She has a lot of famous friends

The profile mentions friendships with Lady Gaga, Emmy Rossum, Amy Schumer, Nicole Richie, and, still, Taylor Swift.

She has a digital strategist

This tidbit is just mentioned in passing but…. what is that person getting paid? And did they know about this profile?

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