The actress behind Tami Taylor tells Andy Cohen that she thinks the TV show's story is finished for good
Friday Night Lights
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Friday Night Lights

The Friday Night Lights TV show ran for five seasons on NBC and DirecTV in the mid-2000s, and managed to rack up even more fans after it hit streaming services. In our age of constant reboots and revamps, the show's enduring popularity made it seem ripe for a follow-up. But when Connie Britton, who starred in the original movie and then as Tami Taylor on the show, appeared on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday, she seemed to squash any prospects of continuing the franchise.

"Guys, I just don't think it's gonna happen," Britton told WWHL host Andy Cohen. "I think that the consensus is that they just want to let it lie. I've come full circle, because I was all for it in the beginning. I think if we had done it early on, but now I really do see how special it is to be able to end a series in that way. It was so beautifully-done and so beautifully-arced that yeah, I think we kind of did it."

It should be noted that Britton's involvement may not be necessary for a new film. Back in May, reports surfaced that a new film was in development, but that Universal was seeking a "reimagining" that could feature an entirely different cast of characters, while still revolving around the themes of high school football and small-town American life explored by H.G. "Buzz" Bissinger's original book. EW TV critic Darren Franich, for one, was down for such a reboot, writing that "Bissinger's book is a resource only-just-barely tapped by several dozen hours of film and television."

But for those who miss Britton's performance as Tami, she did briefly reprise the role in a sketch with Cohen, who played the Kyle Chandler role of Coach Eric Taylor. Watch those videos above and below.

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