Monday night marked Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s fourth annual charity show in support of (RED), the non-profit that raises money to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. That means a ton of celebrities came out to help him sell special edition red products through his Shopathon.

With Jimmy Kimmel Live favorite Kristen Bell as cohost, Jimmy Kimmel brought out the likes of Chris Rock, Will Ferrell, Snoop Dogg, Zoe Saldana, and Brad Paisley. There was even a mini Jupiter Ascending reunion — for those of us still obsessed with the bonkers Wachowski space opera and Eddie Redmayne’s accent in that movie — when Mila Kunis tried to get Channing Tatum to take off his shirt. Sadly, it didn’t work because Bell and Kunis learned the evils of objectifying men’s bodies.

“I’m a piece of meat with feelings,” Tatum said.

The all-star roster showcased a variety of (RED) products with all funds earned during the Shopathon going to support (RED). Rock surprised the audience as the voice behind Alexa, Ferrell donned multiple disguises to blend in with the audience, and Snoop Dogg, since he couldn’t legally sell marijuana on a shopping network-type platform, showed his (RED) pride by getting so stoned his eyes became “red as hell.”

Tatum also starred in a spoof rom-com — playing a man who became a veterinarian even though he didn’t know how to read — to show off the display of a P-Series 55-inch television screen. Paisley walked on at the tail end to clean up the mess everyone else made because, as Saldana pointed out, women don’t have to conform to outdated gender roles by vacuuming.

“It’s refreshing to see so many stars joining forces to put a stop to something other than our president,” Kimmel joked.

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