By Joey Nolfi
November 19, 2018 at 02:00 PM EST

At Home with Amy Sedaris will cozy itself onto TV screens once again at the top of 2019, and EW has a deliciously dark season 2 appetizer that’s sure to spread holiday cheer ahead of the Emmy-nominated variety show’s long-awaited return.

In the exclusive preview above, Sedaris welcomes her sharp-object-obsessed neighbor Tony the Knife Man (Veep‘s David Pasquesi) into her kitchen to offer viewers a lesson on how to carve a Thanksgiving turkey. In true At Home fashion, however, Knife Man appears to be enjoying the carnage a bit too much.

“I like to call her Daddy’s Girl,” Knife Man says of his weapon of choice, which Sedaris observes isn’t a real culinary tool as he plunges it into the carcass to make sure the turkey is “immobilized.”

“Wouldn’t roasting it for nine hours pretty much guarantee it’s immobilized?” Sedaris responds as Knife Man continues to hack the carcass with palpable passion.

After a minute of desecrating the bird, Knife Man’s promise to “march right in there, pounce, and remove that breast” is met with protests from Sedaris. Still, he charges on, shouting “stab and pull back!” as she slashes the bird to the tune of Sedaris’ horrified screams. Bon appétit!

Season 2 of At Home with Amy Sedaris premieres early next year on truTV. Tide yourself over with EW’s preview above.

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