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If you’re in the middle of watching Narcos: Mexico, you might be wondering who the hell is narrating this season.

And if you’ve finished Narcos: Mexico, you might still not realize who narrated this season.

We’re going to tell you the identity of that mysterious drawling authoritative voice, but if you’re still watching this season and don’t like spoilers you should want to wait until the season is over before reading this because it’s a nice reveal if you’re able to put it together (we didn’t).

First, here’s who the narrator is not.

It’s not the narrator of season 1 and 2, DEA agent Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook), though his voice sounds a little similar.

It’s pretty clearly not the narrator of season 3, agent Javier Peña (Pedro Pascal).

It’s also not Kiki Camarena’s boss in Narcos: Mexico, James Kuykendall (played by Matt Letscher), who sounds a bit like him.

It’s instead that grizzled American agent who shows up in the last scene of Narcos: Mexico signaling an escalation against the cartel. This a new as-yet-unnamed character joining the drug trafficking drama and is played — in a previously unannounced casting — by Scoot McNairy (Argo, Halt and Catch Fire).

So, yes, the season is narrated by an entirely new character you hadn’t seen yet, so don’t feel bad for not knowing who it was because it was quite impossible to figure out until the very end (but in retrospect, it is a rather cool way to introduce a new player in the show).

Netflix hasn’t yet confirmed another season of Narcos: Mexico (though it seems like a safe bet), but this character would be front and center if one is ordered.

Narcos: Mexico is now streaming on Netflix.

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