James Corden joined Mark Wahlberg for the actor’s crazy intense “4 a.m. Workout Club,” and you can probably guess how the Late Late Show host fared.

Over the course of an Instagram Story in September, Wahlberg shared what it takes to get a body like his. It involves waking up at 2:30 a.m. ahead of a 3:40 a.m.-5:15 a.m. workout session. Much of the waking world would say, “Hard pass.” But Corden, a vocal gym hater, decided to try it out.

The late-night personality was riding the proverbial struggle bus in getting to Wahlberg’s home gym, but the mention of two breakfasts appealed to him, one pre-workout meal and one post-workout meal. “I’ve been doing the two breakfasts without the workouts,” Corden joked.

Wahlberg tried to whip Corden into “top top shape,” but the gym novice settled for “bottom bottom shape.” The more than six-minute compilation video saw Corden holding his own against the Instant Family star — until he realized it was just the warm-up.

“@JKCorden is the newest member of the #4amclub,” Wahlberg wrote on Twitter.

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