By Nick Romano
November 15, 2018 at 03:01 PM EST

Got what it takes to be a 4.2? A new Black Mirror-inspired board game will test you out.

Nosedive: A Social Game is based on that social media satire episode starring Bryce Dallas Howard. The whole purpose of the game is the whole purpose of Lacie in the season 3 premiere: get the highest Social Score possible.

With 3-6 players, your goal is to create the perfect life by collecting Lifestyle cards. Though, your fellow players can also rate their experiences, which could have an impact on your Social Score. If you don’t have a high Social Score, what are you even doing?

Appropriately, there’s a smartphone component to the game. Players must download the free Nosedive Game App on their phones that offers more than 1,000 experiences to potentially put your social image at risk or impress your friends.

It’s “light social & strategic gameplay,” the product description reads. Black Mirror fans know better. This is clique-clashing material in a box.

Credit: Asmodee

“‘Nosedive’ is a satire on acceptance and the image of ourselves we like to portray and project to others,” Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker said of the episode.

In it, Lacie lives in a world where everyone can score everyone else, which yields a Social Score that impacts their purchasing options, entrance to events, and the like.

“Everyone is a little heightened and false because everyone is terrified of being marked down because the consequences of that are unpleasant,” Brooker added. “So it’s basically the world we live in.”

As if the holidays weren’t volatile enough, you too can join the fun for just $19.99 (retail).

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