Harry and Meghan had their royal wedding all the way back in May, so perhaps you are aching to see more notable noble nuptials. And to that end, Netflix is decking the grandest of its halls and officially inviting you to A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding.

Last year, the streamer unleashed one of the season’s most talked-about Christmas TV movies with A Christmas Prince, and this year brings the anticipated sequel. Debuting Nov. 30, The Royal Wedding takes place a year after journalist Amber (Rose McIver) traveled to Aldonia to write a story about the throne-ascending Prince Richard (Ben Lamb), only to wind up falling in love with him and getting engaged. Now, a year later, Amber is experiencing cold feet of sorts about her upcoming Christmas wedding, questioning whether she’s ready to handle the scrutiny of being a queen. Meanwhile, a looming political crisis could taint Richard’s kingdom.

In returning to the franchise, McIver tells EW that she was most excited to learn “what had happened to Amber in a year and how she was going to adjust to life as a royal. [I’m] excited to see her shake up the patriarchy!” McIver, who hails from New Zealand, also noted that she was “pumped that it was being filmed in warmer months so the snow was made of this shampoo foam and sheets of white felt – much easier than shooting in the frigid Eastern European winter. The Romanian countryside was so beautiful and green – actually reminded me of New Zealand.”

Check out the first full trailer for The Royal Wedding, which shows Amber being paired with an enthusiastic wedding planner and being told that she must be careful about the image that she projects, which means that… she might be forced to give up her blog! As you’re about to see, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding is the only holiday TV movie this year that will make you ask yourself, “Is that a snowman or a yeti?”

A Christmas Prince
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