Stephen Colbert didn’t know Ivan Drago used to hang out with Donald Trump and Mike Tyson. Colbert didn’t even know Drago was a real person.

Dolph Lundgren reprised his Rocky IV and Creed II character, the Russian boxer who killed Apollo Creed in the ring, on The Late Show. His goal? To crush Russian stereotypes. “Americans think we’re cold and harsh. Is false impression that I will… crush,” he said.

Drago doesn’t think there’s any reason for America and Russia to be at odds, except on screen in Creed II. He even says he knows President Trump. “Back in ’80s, we go to same parties and hung out with Mike Tyson,” he said. “I really thought Mike had better chance at becoming president.”

Colbert wanted to know whether or not Trump dyed his hair. All Drago said was, “If he dyes, he dyes” — a play on his famous “if he dies, he dies” line from Rocky IV.

The fictional heavyweight believes Trump is a “fighter,” in the sense that “he looks at the treaties you made with allies and says, ‘I must break you.'”

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