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Stephen Colbert‘s children’s book, Whose Boat Is This Boat?, is now an animated TV special for those in the world who hate reading.

Friday night saw the debut of this Late Show Holiday Spectacular on Colbert’s CBS program, bringing to life his best-selling anti-Trump picture book, initially published to help fund Hurricane Florence and Michael relief efforts.

“Now some of you might be saying, ‘Stephen, I don’t like books. Do you have a book but instead of words there’s sounds and instead of reading it you could watch it on TV?’ Well, you’re in luck, folks,” the CBS personality said.

Just like the book, the special features actual dialogue uttered by President Trump when he visited survivors in North Carolina in the wake of Hurricane Florence. That means most of the script was inadvertently written by Trump himself.

You can watch the adaptation in the video above or you can purchase it on iTunes for $1.99. All proceeds from the special and the book go to fund relief efforts.

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