By Nick Romano
November 09, 2018 at 09:11 AM EST

After a day like Thursday, Jimmy Kimmel says Ruth Bader Ginsburg needs to be protected at any cost “for obvious reasons.” The Supreme Court justice was hospitalized after a fall in her office fractured multiple ribs, so the late-night host came up with the Ruth Bader Gins-bubble designed to keep the 85-year-old rolling “for another, like, 80 years.”

The Gins-bubble, giving a Bubble Boy-like environment, protects from injuries, criminals, and bears. “This thing is actually grizzly bear proof,” Kimmel joked. “Even if a strong gust of wind would blow Justice Ginsburg into a river, she would be able to float and move like a hamster. We are gonna have to figure out the bathroom situation.”

Also, they need to figure out the door situation, since it doesn’t look like Ginsburg would be able to walk into her own office. Perhaps this is the small price to pay to keep her on the bench.

When Stephen Colbert heard the news of what happened to Ginsburg, he, like many others on social media, was ready to donate his ribs. “Somebody give me a pair of pliers and a bite stick,” he said. The Late Show host also suggested dressing Ginsburg “in bubble wrap” and appointing someone to carry her “down the hall like a Fabergé egg.”

Seth Meyers, from his Late Night desk, joked about redressing Ginsburg’s entire office in Nerf foam material. It’s no Gins-bubble, but the desired results are still the same.

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