Stephen Colbert is here to remind us, we’re all stuck in this together.

On Tuesday night’s special midterm election episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, the host kicked of his live coverage with a pre-recorded musical segment titled “We’re All Stuck In This Together” and pretty much compared America to a sinking submarine. The number began with Colbert “pretending to vote” and sharing that since this bit was filmed last week before the election, he has no idea how he’ll be feeling on the actual night. “One thing I know for sure, whichever side won today, the good news is Americans all in this together,” he said. “The bad news is, same as the good news.” Then he broke into song.

The number laid out the similarities between the state of the country and a submarine letting in water. “We slammed the hatch, there was water on the floor,” sings Colbert as water puddles at his feet. “We may collapse from all the pressure, but if we do at least we’ll all crumble together.” He continued with the nautical metaphor, adding that no one thought to bring provisions on the submarine and someone else emptied out the fire extinguishers and filled them with gasoline instead. “We’ve all been trapped until the next time we got vote,” he goes on. “We’ve all held hands…on each others’ throats and though it’s been only stormy weather, we can’t drift apart because we’re all stuck here together.”

Later in the ditty, Abraham Lincoln and even God drop in for quick cameos before Colbert wrapped the segment with a warning that the midterms “might just be our last vote ever…but whatever happens tonight, we’ll all find out together!”

Watch the clip above.

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