If you’re fighting a battle, it’s never a good sign when your opponent picks up a sword, transforms into an 8-foot-tall blonde warrior with her own theme song, and then marches into battle while glowing.

Bad news for the Evil Horde, Adora has transformed into She-Ra.

Once Adora’s friend and fellow soldier within the Horde, Catra confronts Adora for switching sides. But Adora has seen the light — she’s seen the evil the Horde has done, plus, as She-Ra she gets a killer sword and great blow-out.

“[She-Ra] has this majority female cast, it’s centered around a female hero, it’s got rainbows and it’s got robots, it’s got everything I like in one place,” creator Noelle Stevenson previously told EW.

Originally just conceived as a female counterpoint to He-Man, this new She-Ra iteration never even mentions the H-word. Instead, it’s entirely focused on She-Ra, her origins, and the other princesses she rallies to rebel against the Horde.

The series will be streaming on Netflix on Nov. 13.

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