'It up to Kazakhstan to swing the midterms for Premier Trump'


He’s back!

Sacha Baron Cohen dusted off his khaki suit for Tuesday’s Election Day episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, reviving his popular Borat character to stump for Donald Trump and the GOP ahead of the midterm elections.

“Russia interfere with the presidential election, but now all eyes are on them,” Borat explained in the video. “So it up to Kazakhstan to swing the midterms for Premier Trump.”

He then went door to door in Los Angeles to, in his words, “do election tampering.” That involved talking with Trump supporters about topics like immigration, the “fake news” media, and racism. He also makes himself at home in one constituent’s house, asking to use the man’s bathroom and coming back out in just a towel and holding a toothbrush.

Afterwards, he makes his way to a polling place, commenting, “It’s good to see democracy in action….not!

Cohen most recently made headlines with his Showtime series Who Is America?, in which he disguised himself to prank a number of politicians and public figures. Over the summer, the network said the series could return for another installment, despite Cohen tweeting that the season 1 finale was the last episode “ever.”

Watch the full Borat sketch above.

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