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There was a major disturbance in the Mayans force Tuesday night. In the season 1 finale of Mayans M.C., godfather Marcus Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) told President Obispo “Bishop” Losa (Michael Irby) that he’s going to head up security for Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino). What does this mean for the MC? We checked in with the Mayans’ commander in chief to see how his alter ego feels about the big move and what it could mean in the FX drama’s second season.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Does your character like the idea of Alvarez going to work for Galindo?
MICHAEL IRBY: Absolutely not. Bishop would have preferred he stayed [with the Mayans]. He thought blood was going to be thicker than water. I think Bishop kind of feels like Marcus sold him down the river. Marcus is going after the money. We don’t really know what advantages and what disadvantages there are going to be with Galindo and Alvarez working together, but Bishop is not happy about it.

Does Bishop trust Galindo?
Bishop doesn’t trust Galindo, and now I think Alvarez is underneath that too. I think he can’t really trust anybody right now. You’ve got to keep your friends close and your enemies a little closer.

What about EZ [JD Pardo]? How does Bishop feel about him?
I think he sees a little bit of himself in EZ as far as being a survivor. Bishop wants to trust him. I don’t really think that he’s up to no good, but there is so much that Bishop didn’t know this year. I’ve been kinda playing along with the audience. It’s very frustrating to me as an actor not to know, but I understand why [series creator] Kurt Sutter has done this. If Bishop does find out [about EZ and Angel’s side deals], I think heads are gonna have to roll. No pun intended, like Devante.

How does Bishop feel about working with the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club?
I think in that respect there’s really no ill will. It’s all commerce. I know for the fans it’s very exciting to see the S.O.A. members pop up on the scene. Right now the Mayans and the Sons are still respecting each other and each other’s paths. They are respecting each other’s space.

We haven’t learned too much about Bishop and his back story this season. He’s the president! Do you get any sense that we will learn more?
I do. I’m definitely curious to see where we are going to take this. I just hope Bishop lives, at the end of the day. I think we have an opportunity to show his loving side, to show his capable side, to show his pain, and to show his loyalty to the club and to himself. It’s been such a great opportunity for me as an actor. Whatever they put on my table, I’m going to eat it all.

What has it been like to be around those guys, your fellow Mayans?
The tough part for me was coming in [later]. They had already shot the pilot. Just getting the trust of the boys and being the president… playing with these boys and developing that trust and that brotherhood has been an experience that I’ll never forget. I have a warm space in my heart for each and every one of these individuals. The stories they tell, the stories about how they are able to be on set after living the life that did years ago… Kurt Sutter really opened up the doors for these guys, and it’s such a beautiful experience.

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