"You are a junkyard dog."

That's how one character describes Vicki Ellis, a renowned pageant coach in Tulsa, Oklahoma — whose bite is as intimidating as her bark — in the newly released trailer for Facebook Watch's Queen America. She may be vicious, but Ellis is certainly the most glamorous mutt we've ever seen.

The 10-episode series follows Ellis, played by Oscar winner Catherine Zeta-Jones, as she attempts to transform the beautiful but unsophisticated Samantha (Belle Shouse) from a Midwestern bumpkin to a refined pageant queen. And if the trailer is any indication, Ellis's strong-headed niece Bella (Isabella Amara) and pageant circuit darling Hayley (Victoria Justice) are also main players in the show, which will explore the allure and the darkness of the beauty pageant world in small town America.

The dark comedy's first three half-hour episodes will premiere on Nov. 18, and the next seven installments will be released weekly on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

Watch the full trailer above.

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