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Wait, who was that prospect?

In tonight’s season finale of Mayans M.C., a son of Hollywood royalty got to don a kutte and play a member — or at least a prospective member — of the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club. Welcome to the MC, Ray Nicholson, son of the legendary Jack Nicholson!

In one of the episode’s final moments, Nicholson walks up to EZ (JD Pardo) and asks for a different beer than what the Mayans are serving at their clubhouse party. “My sponsor wants a Heini or a Miller,” a chipper Nicholson says. While it may appear like an innocent moment between two prospects, the scene actually prompts EZ to fix his gaze on a man at the party who killed his mother — Happy Lowman, played by Sons of Anarchy’s David Labrava.

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So how did Nicholson get so lucky as to score a spot in the SOA spin-off? It helps to know creator Kurt Sutter.

“We’re buddies. I’m mentoring him,” Sutter says of the 26-year-old Nicholson, who’s mother is Rebecca Broussard. “He’s such a sweet kid who’s a really good actor. And it was so fun for him. He doesn’t know the world, right? I think it was more about the experience of putting on that kutte and hanging out with those guys for a night. It was just an education for him. He walked away from that night saying, ‘I am such a p‑‑‑y.’”

Sutter says it’s likely that Nicholson will return for a second season, as long as the Sons continue to collaborate with the Mayans.

“He would be around,” teases Sutter.

Nicholson was recently cast opposite Will Chase and Kevin Alves in Amazon’s YA pilot Panic, based on Lauren Oliver’s best-selling book.

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