Credit: ABC

The Alec Baldwin Show has won fall’s TV’s most ignoble prize: The first downsized show of the season.

While the actor’s talk show hasn’t been officially canceled, ABC is moving the show from Sunday to burn off its remaining new episodes on Saturday nights at 10 p.m. starting Dec. 8. It will be replaced on Sunday by Shark Tank repeats.

The Mission Impossible: Fallout and SNL actor’s series debuted Oct. 14 to an extremely low 2.1 million viewers — the least-watched show on any major network for the week — and then sank across three more airings to just 1.5 million viewers. Given the Saturday night move and ratings, it’s incredibly unlikely more episodes will be ordered beyond the initial batch.

ABC put out the news on Election Night when most news media and readers are paying attention elsewhere.

The news follows Baldwin making headlines for being arrested in New York over an allegation that he punched a man in a parking spot dispute. The actor has denied the allegation.

The talk show was always going to be a tough sell — primetime talk shows are not easy to pull off. Plus, the show aired up against Sunday Night Football and, this week, the World Series. Baldwin’s guest list was pretty notable, however, landing names like Robert De Niro, Kim Kardashian West, Taraji P. Henson, Ricky Gervais, and Jeff Bridges.

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