Who knows Justin Timberlake better, bff Jimmy Fallon or wife Jessica Biel? Through The Tonight Show's Best Friends Challenge, a twist on The Newlyweds Game, they found out.

Not surprising, Biel definitely earned the most points. She knew Timberlake's favorite rappers (Ma$e and Andre 3000), she knew his go-to cocktail (a tequila mule), she knew how to make said go-to cocktail, and she knew his safe word (pineapple).

After all those bike rides, sketches, and Golden Globe openers, Fallon should've paid more attention.

To be fair, he also correctly guessed his buddy's safe word, which prompted a lot of awkward laughing. But the final question seemed rigged in the late-night host's favor. The card read, "What number am I thinking of between 1 and 5,000?" Fallon just happened to come out with the correct guess, 4,297.

Biel called shenanigans on this whole rigged game. We second that.

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