DuckTales (2017 TV series)

It’s a happy reunion — and one years in the making — for the Three Caballeros, the musical trio led (depending on who you ask) by Donald Duck.

On the Nov. 10 episode of Disney Channel’s smash revival of DuckTales (which EW has called “the American Doctor Who”), a new adventure sends the family — Huey, Dewey, Louie, Scrooge, Webby, and Donald — to a Brazilian town where Donald gleefully gets back together with his old band, whom fans will recall as the stars of Walt Disney’s famous 1944 movie of the same name.

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Credit: Disney Channel

Camping’s Arturo del Puerto will lend his voice to rooster gunslinger Panchito Pistoles, while Shameless alum and Doc McStuffins mainstay Bernardo de Paula will play stylish parrot José de Carioca. Tony Anselmo continues to voice Donald on the series. EW’s got an exclusive first look at trio’s big episode below.

The appearance of the Three Caballeros on DuckTales was first teased during the show’s second annual panel at San Diego Comic-Con, when the show’s cast (including Ben Schwartz, Danny Pudi, and Bobby Moynihan) and producers revealed a shot of the trio — and caused quite the uproar.

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DuckTales (2017 TV series)
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