SURVIVOR: Island of the Idols

The owner of the most famous jacket in reality television history was eliminated when Lyrsa Torres was voted out of Survivor: David vs. Goliath on Wednesday night. How does the 36-year-old Puerto Rican airline agent from Boston feel about her ouster? Why does she think Nick turned on her? And how was her reunion with Natalie Napalm at Ponderosa?

We asked Lyrsa all that and more when she called into EW Morning Live (SiriusXM, channel 105) and here are some highlights for our chat.

Jackets and Eggs
Credit: Robert Voets/CBS

EW RADIO: So, where is the jacket now?
LYRSA TORRES: My jacket is hanging form my door in my bedroom, and I look at it every day. It’s the best and prettiest jacket ever.

Did you clean it before you hung it up?
I washed that, like, seven times. It smells so good. And it doesn’t even look like it had that much trouble. It looks like brand new. I didn’t know this jacket was going to create such a big controversy. I just got it because I needed a jacket. I didn’t know, to be honest, that it was going to be a main character in this story.

What did that tell you about Angelina after she went to all this trouble to trick someone into giving them their jacket?
While I was in the game I thought it was the most horrible thing ever, because you are putting something material before a person. So, to me, that was horrible. Now that I am out and I’ve been watching the show and it’s an experience, I’m like: Man, it was cold. I get that she was cold. But if she had asked me and come to me and been like, “Hey, can I have your jacket? We’re going to vote you out. And you’re not going to need your jacket. Can I have it?” I would have said, “Yeah, keep the jacket, but return it once you leave the game because I really like the jacket.”

I would have given the jacket if she had just asked for it if I was going to be voted out. I had no use for the jacket outside of the game. Now I’m using it because it’s cold in Boston, but if she would have asked for it in a nice way, and directly to me, I would have given her the jacket. I have no attachment to the jacket.

Why do you think Nick turned on you and voted you out?
Because he wanted to stay longer in the game. I get it. I felt really bad that Nick flipped on me because I was not expecting it, because I would have never done that to him. I went into the game with the idea that I’m going to be loyal to who I make connections with. I was never going to put Nick’s name down and I felt a little bit betrayed. But if you want to go far in the game you have to deceive, and you have to play your own thing and that’s what Nick did. I cannot blame him for that, because if I was a little bit more smarter…. I think I was playing a little more emotional, a little more honest and trying to be nicer, but if I would have played with a little more malice, I would have voted for Nick. I was just trying to stick to the people I started playing with.

If you had not lost that challenge and all four of you from Jabeni had made the merge would you have been loyal to Angelina?
Heck no! She wanted the jacket and didn’t even ask for it! I know that sounds so childish but I’m a person that I like to talk to people and be honest one-on-one. And if something like that happened in the real world, I would be like, “Hey, what’s going on? You said this!” But I felt like from the moment we got there we had some honest moments, but regarding the game, I didn’t trust her at all. I think Angelina is a super nice person but inside of the game, she was not the person I trusted.

I really wanted to make the merge and go back to Elizabeth and Gabby and Christian. Because even though you didn’t see that, we all had a really great connection — Gabby, Christian, and I. I had a connection with Davie. So I was really looking forward to going back to my people and playing with them. So Mike made the right decision because I was going to stick to Mike and protect him as much as. I could but I was going to go back to my Davids, because those are the people I knew and trusted.

I love how in your final words after being voted out you were already thinking eight months down the line and how your exit meant you were going to have to sit next to Natalie at the reunion show. How were you and Natalie at Ponderosa?
First of all, I didn’t think that was going to be on. And second, I was coming from the premise that I was going to a place where everybody’s going to hate me because I had something to say regarding them being out, and because the group preferred to keep me. So I was like, I’m going to a place where everybody hates me, And I have this person that was just recently voted out that really wanted to play and they kept me. So she hates me. So that’s where I was coming from. Ponderosa was great. I don’t think I have any beef with anybody. I really like the people I went with to Ponderosa, so I made the best and most of my stay there.

Did you contact Natalie after that aired last night or were you already on good enough terms?
We are on good terms, hopefully. I think we are. And I did send her a message. I was like: Look, I am so sorry I said this. Because if I want acceptance, I have to give it back. And it’s a give and take in life. So I wrote her a message and said: Look, I said this and I truly apologize because that’s not coming from I place where I hated you. It’s coming from a place where I felt like all of you hate me and I’m going to have this person next to me that I feel that hates me. And I think she understood that part. I have no hard feelings towards Natalie at all.

Only a tiny fraction of what happens out there makes it to air. What was something you wish we could have been able to see but didn’t?
I was so silly all the time. I had a lot of fun. I was playing the game the whole time. Like, I knew that Davie had the idol. I knew it because I saw him. And I told Elizabeth that he had the idol and she was like “Naw, he doesn’t have it.” And I said, “Yes! I saw when he was being interviewed in a weird spot. That only happens when you find an idol.” She didn’t believe me. And then we went out one day before the swap and we were like “We’re all going to go out as Davids and we’re going to find the idol to protect us.” And Davie was the only one that was hanging out doing nothing. So that confirmed to me that he had the idol.

I also knew that Nick was a lawyer from the beginning. When he opened his mouth, I knew that he was a lawyer. So I was very aware of what was happening. I was playing from the get-go, so to me it’s funny that some people think I was just being there. I also went to catch crabs every single day and it was not shown. I didn’t even have the skills. I was running around the beach with the paddle-boards to smash them. And I caught four or five that way, which was hilarious. I was called the Crab Serial Killer. I wish I had more fun stuff to be shown.

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