The goofiest Titan is ready for his close-up.

DC Universe’s new live-action Titans series is now three episodes deep, and yet there’s still one iconic team member viewers still haven’t seen much: Beast Boy. The first episode ended with the green-colored shapeshifter (Ryan Potter) transforming back into a human after raiding an electronics store as a tiger, and last week’s episode saw Rachel (Teagan Croft) briefly meet Gar Logan (as he’s called in human form) at an arcade, but that’s it. That will change this Friday, when viewers finally get to see where Beast Boy comes from.

“I think what makes his introduction dope is because of the family you get to see Beast Boy come from: The Doom Patrol,” Potter tells EW. “Every episode has a different emphasis on a different character, or relationship, or story point. It’s a slow build. We’re gonna take time to sit and marinate with these characters, to get to know them and their quirks and get a sense of how they think and how they feel. Before we get them all together for these big action scenes and loud noises, we are trying to build these character pieces.”

This episode will be viewers’ first taste of the Doom Patrol, who will be the stars of the next live-action DC Universe show.

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Based on what we’ve seen so far, it’s clear that Titans’ Beast Boy will differ from the animated versions seen in Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! For one thing, shapeshifting is a lot more difficult in a live-action show than in a cartoon. The tiger transformation seen at the end of the first episode came complete with the sounds of bones creaking and joints re-aligning, giving his powers a sense of body horror.

“It’s not as gelatinous and fluid as the animated series, because they’re trying to ground it. If you could change your molecular structure at the subatomic level, it would feel really weird!” Potter says. “The tiger was one of my favorite transformations because I spent hours watching tiger videos to learn the breathing and stuff. If people catch that, they catch it, but it’ll also be cool to see him transform into other animals as the series progresses.”

Specifically on his wish list: panda, bear, and octopus. “The gorilla is great, the elephant is iconic, but we’ll need to get some of that Eastern flair.”

Potter also has a personal connection to Beast Boy. Titans has been inclusive with its casting. Potter spent years of his early childhood in Japan, and says Beast Boy was a touchstone for him when he moved back to America.

“Beast Boy was one of the characters I grew up watching, and I learned how to assimilate to American pop culture because of his attempt to try and learn pop culture,” Potter says. “I was like, okay, let me try some of this out! It worked, and now I’m here!”

The fourth episode of Titans, titled “Doom Patrol,” hits the DC Universe streaming platform this Friday.

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