By Nick Romano
October 31, 2018 at 09:44 AM EDT

Now that filming on the final season of Broad City wrapped, Abbi Jacobson is spilling all the tea.

The co-creator of the hit Comedy Central series detailed to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Tuesday a cameo she and Ilana Glazer had planned for Sarah Jessica Parker that never came to fruition.

“We tried to get her almost every season: Sarah Jessica Parker,” Jacobson began. “I’m gonna say this bit because we wrapped it and there’s no more seasons left.”

As she explains of the concept, the camera would’ve followed Parker “as she kind of runs with the heels” through the West Village. The Sex and the City actress would run from a “book shop” to grab a “baguette” and then to a “coffee stand” while Jacobson and Glazer sang the Sex and the City theme song over the footage.

“I’m only allowed to sing it for 20 seconds,” Jacobson sang. Why only 20 seconds? “I know how much music costs.”

The way they planned it out, the scene would end with Parker “approaching a police officer and being like, ‘There are these two women who are following me.'”

“We literally pitched this to her seasons 2-5,” Jacobson said. “Too late, SJP!”

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