By Nick Romano
October 30, 2018 at 08:33 AM EDT

Jimmy Kimmel‘s team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, lost to Matt Damon‘s faves, the Boston Red Sox, during Game 5 of the World Series on Sunday. So the late-night host decided to vent his rage by trash talking his longtime arch-nemesis on his show.

“There’s nothing worse than paying a lot of money for tickets and having to sit next to an obnoxious jerk the whole time,” Kimmel said of Damon. “And that is the last time I ever use Groupon again. You know he eats people’s unfinished food off the floor, like a rodent. Half of the game, he’s down on his hands and knees eating garbage.”

Every time Kimmel and Damon get together these days, they end up fanning the flames of their fake feud, which began a decade ago when Kimmel joked about bumping the actor from his overstuffed guest roster. The pair wore “I’m With Stupid” T-shirts that pointed at each other…until Ben Affleck, their other seatmate, made the mistake of sitting in between them for part of the game.

“I believe they call it collateral damage,” Kimmel joked.

No amount of name-calling will change the fact that the Red Sox beat the Dodgers 5-1. If you ask Kimmel, though, that’s all fake news: “We know the real story is the Dodgers swept the World Series and four games and the lame-stream media won’t report that.”

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