By Piya Sinha-Roy
October 30, 2018 at 03:45 PM EDT

Netflix isn’t horsin’ around when it comes to Bojack Horseman‘s future as the streaming network announced a sixth season for the animated satire on Tuesday.

Created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg, Bojack Horseman follows the titular character, a fading, self-destructive ’90s sitcom star voiced by Will Arnett, as he navigates the dredges of fame while trying to make his comeback and the slivers of hope offered in his few friendships in the nefarious Hollywoo. It also stars Aaron Paul as Bojack’s happy-go-lucky squatter friend Todd, Alison Brie as Bojack’s ghost-writer turned confidante Diane, Paul F. Tompkins as his frenemy Mr. Peanutbutter, and Amy Sedaris as his long-suffering agent Princess Caroline.

Bojack, set in an animated world of human and anthropomorphic characters, has offered a deliciously savage satire on the Hollywood industry over five seasons and has taken on timely topics such as depression, gun control and abortion, all through a searing lens. In the fifth season, which debuted in September, Bojack finds himself back in television as the lead in a streaming network’s dark crime series and he has to contend with his spiraling addiction, his abusive treatment of his female co-star, his frayed relationship with his new-found daughter Hollyhock and the death of his mother.

Bojack tweeted the news of the show’s renewal below:

  • TV Show
  • 5
run date
  • 08/22/14
  • Raphael Bob-Waksberg
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