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Legends of Tomorrow

Dancing Queen
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Finally, our favorite motley crew of time-travelers is back! The best and most entertaining Arrowverse entry — in our humble opinions, anyway — returned in style, with a very Legends-y spin on Woodstock: Thanks to the team’s release of the demon Mallus (voiced by John Noble) at the end of season 3, countless other demons have now arrived on Earth throughout history, with the first being a human-heart-eating, hallucinogenic-goo-spewing unicorn who wreaks havoc at the legendary music festival. The team takes the mythical being down with the help of (the virgin) Gary (Adam Tsekhman) and Constantine (Matt Ryan), who’s a series regular this season but remains reluctant to join the Legends. All of it made for a thoroughly enjoyable premiere that introduced a new storytelling format and balanced its trademark goofiness with heart, as Zari’s (Tala Ashe) advice to Ray (Brandon Routh) landed a particularly effective gut-punch. It’s an excellent start, and I’m a fan. — Shirley Li

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Man of Steel
Credit: The CW

Those Earth First-ers are the worst. So far this season, Mercy Graves (Rhona Mitra) has been carrying out the bidding of Agent Liberty (Sam Witwer) to great effect by terrorizing aliens, rousing anti-alien fear, and helping her boss murder poor Fiona (Tiya Sircar). In the latest episode, she invades L-Corp, only to be thwarted when Kara finally gets away on her own to change. It’s a fun set-piece, but frankly, we’re overdue for a little more on Agent Liberty himself and why he’s so keen on exposing and destroying aliens. (Xenophobia and immigrant issues have always been at the heart of Superman/Supergirl stories, but this masked villain could use more nuance.) Good thing Witwer’s character will be unmasking this Sunday in an Agent Liberty-centric episode. I’m excited to see him be more than just a mustache-twirling villain — and it sounds like Witwer agrees. — S.L.

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The Flash

The Death of Vibe
Credit: Katie Yu/The CW

How schway was that Cisco save? (Am I using “schway” correctly? …Anyone?) Eager West-Allen progeny Nora — who’s added a welcome dose of energy to the show this season, largely due to Jessica Parker Kennedy’s vibrant performance — had fumbled many times since her introduction, but here, she figures out how to keep Vibe out of the terrifying hands of Cicada (Chris Klein). Speaking of which, Cicada’s shaping up to be a solid Big Bad for The Flash, especially with the reveal this week that he’s a father; I believe he’s the first primary villain on the show to be a parent, and maybe it sounds lame, but I think that’s interesting — his arc could serve as a compelling narrative foil to Barry’s at this stage. Lastly, the inimitable Tom Cavanagh’s latest iteration of Wells debuted this week, and though I’m a fan of Sherloque Wells overall, his accent could use some improvement. (But maybe that’s a deliberate choice Cavanagh’s making? Could Sherloque be hiding something, other than somehow knowing that Nora has a secret…? Listen to our theories on this week’s Superhero Insider below.) We’ll have to wait and see whether the season can keep up its momentum, but so far, everything’s working. — S.L.

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The Longbow Hunters
Credit: Dean Buscher/The CW

Prison is already starting to test Oliver’s resolve. Throughout Monday’s episode, Oliver tried his hardest to give Brick what we wanted — Officer York gone — without ruining the mean prison guard’s life. In other words, he was just trying to remain a hero. But as the episode made clear (and Stephen Amell teased earlier this month — there are no heroes in prison, and you truly felt that Oliver didn’t have another option but to frame York for trying to kill him if he wanted the information Brick had on Diaz. However, what made this entire prison story line work for me this week was that it didn’t feel overly depressing, which was mostly due to Oliver’s dynamic with Green Arrow fanboy Stanley (Brendan Fletcher), who is kind of like Arrow’s Nora and essentially becomes Oliver’s Team Arrow while on the inside. Stanley’s excitement about working with his hero was rather infectious, and I’m looking forward to seeing more this relationship. — Chancellor Agard

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Black Lightning

The Book of Consequences: Chapter Two: Black Jesus Blues
Credit: Annette Brown/The CW

This week’s episode of Black Lightning was our first introduction to the new principal of Garfield High — and he did not leave a very good impression. Jefferson Pierce was forced to resign his post after failing to protect the students from Tobias’ assault last season (even though we all know he did actually protect them, just in disguise as Black Lightning), the school board has empowered Major Lowry (P.J. Byrne) in his stead. Replacing the man known around Freeland as “Black Jesus” with a white principal for a mostly non-white student body was always going to be a weird move, and Lowry is not exactly assuaging concerns. His first move was to install metal detectors at school entrances (something Jefferson always resisted for the rightful fear it would create a paranoid, authoritarian atmosphere) and he barely even looked Jefferson in the eye during their first face-to-face encounter. We’ll see how this dynamic plays out over the rest of the season, but so far it doesn’t feel like a great fit for Garfield. — Christian Holub

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