Your fourth favorite Indian celebrity is just days away from his new show premiering!

No, not Mindy Kaling, Aziz Ansari, Padma Lakshmi, or even Fareed Zakaria if you’re a news buff. I’m talking about Hasan Minhaj, who in an exclusive video for EW, introduced himself and his new Netflix series Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj.

“Oh hi, it’s Hasan Minhaj, your fourth favorite Indian celebrity,” the former Daily Show correspondent begins in the video, before name-checking the above mentioned celebs.

With the first two episodes of Patriot Act set to premiere on Sunday, Minhaj shared some of the jokes that didn’t make the final cut, including ones about being the first Muslim late-night host, people not understanding the name of the show, and his high-tech set.

“Hey, welcome to Patriot Act, because Netflix saw a Powerpoint presentation and thought, ‘What if this had the budget of a Transformers movie?'” he joked. “Imagine a Bruno Mars Super Bowl halftime performance, but Bruno is doing a Ted Talk. If Bruno Mars was like, ‘Do you want to learn about gun control?’ That’s Patriot Act.”

Watch the exclusive video above and then watch Patriot Act beginning Sunday on Netflix, because whether you liked the cut jokes or hated them, Minhaj promises that the actual show is better.

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