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Legacies is the third show in the Vampire Diaries universe, as it takes a character from The Originals, Hope Mikaelson, and places her back in Mystic Falls, the town Stefan and Damon Salvatore called home on The Vampire Diaries. And with Alaric Saltzman serving as headmaster of the Salvatore School, which Hope attends, there are some obvious crossovers for Vampire fans. But aside from the obviously familiar surroundings — this is Mystic Falls, after all — the Legacies premiere had a few other TVD/Originals references that you might have missed…

Hope and Landon’s first dance. There are multiple mentions of — and even a few flashbacks to — Hope and Landon’s first dance, which happened during The Originals’ final season. At that time, Landon worked at the Mystic Grill, the town’s hottest restaurant, which is how he first met Hope. What’s not shown is that during that dance, Hope’s dying father, Klaus, was looking on.

The werewolf curse. When Landon finds out Rafael is a werewolf, Alaric briefly mentions the curse that started it all, something he says they cover in a course called Origin of the Species. As Originals fans know, the werewolf curse goes all the way back to the Hollow.

Familiar faces. Outside the main cast, there are a few familiar faces in the episode, including Dorian, who’s now the librarian at the Salvatore School, and Matt Donovan, who’s still serving as sheriff of Mystic Falls. Matt is also mentioned when Hope references the sheriff who sometimes puts vervain in the coffee at the gas station.

Hope’s history with the school. Hope mentions that she first came to the Salvatore School when she was 7, which takes us back to the Originals episode that saw Hayley bring her daughter to the school.


Caroline Forbes. Although Caroline’s name is not spoken in the opening hour, Lizzie and Josie do mention that their parents invented the game of Wickery when they were 10, which of course is referencing Alaric and Caroline, who started the school in the Vampire Diaries series finale.

Josette Laughlin. The twins’ biological mother also gets a mention when Alaric tells Lizzie that “your biological mother’s crazy-ass witch ancestors left you with a legacy of darkness that you have to work through.” He’s of course talking about the Gemini coven, which we’ll learn more about as the series progresses.

MG’s compulsion. When MG first attempts to compel Landon to forget about Rafael and the school, he tells him, “You’ll miss him but you know it’s for the best.” Those are the same words that Elena had Damon use when he first compelled Jeremy to forget about Vicki’s death in Vampire Diaries season one.

“I care too much.” There’s no telling if this is a direct reference, but it’s fun regardless. At one point, sitting at the party, Josie tells Rafael “I care too much. It’s kind of a problem.” Vampire Diaries diehards might recognize the “I care too much” line from a pivotal Delena moment in season 3, after Damon told Elena he loved her and her response was, well, not what he wanted to hear.


The Stefan Salvatore Memorial Library. It’s only fitting that the man who saved the town — and who once lived in this house — gets a room named after him. (Not to mention that Stefan’s journals probably fill an entire wall in that library.)

Hope’s family tree. One of the books in that library has a chapter about Klaus Mikaelson: The Great Evil, otherwise known as Hope’s father, whom she tells Landon was one of earth’s original vampires. She goes on to explain that her mother was a werewolf alpha and her grandmother was a witch, in reference to Hayley and Esther.

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