By Nick Romano
October 24, 2018 at 08:33 AM EDT

Stephen Colbert went ahead and made a new campaign ad for President Donald Trump in support of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz‘s reelection. The Late Show host even used Trump’s own words, so the commander in chief couldn’t have a problem with it, right?

Trump recently endorsed Cruz by calling him “Beautiful Ted.” But, as Colbert’s spoof ad reminds us, Trump had another nickname for Cruz — one used often.

Colbert used Trump’s previous “Lyin’ Cruz” tag line to narrate the ad: “I have never, ever met a person who lies more than Ted Cruz. One of the great liars of all time. We call him Lyin’ Ted.”

Over on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon also made a spoof midterm voting ad. The host brought back his Trump impersonation, calling the midterm vote “the halftime vote,” mistaking election for “erection,” and describing Cruz as “either the guy from Halloween or the fish man from the Shape of Water movie.”

“And remember,” he concluded, “if we win the House and the Senate, you’re welcome. But if we lose, it’s everyone else’s fault but mine.”

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