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October 21, 2018 at 03:39 PM EDT
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It sounds like the Longbow Hunters are looking to take advantage of the team’s weakened state in Arrow season 7.

Typically, Arrow’s big bads focus their attention on Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Stephen Amell); however, with Oliver in prison, Ricardo Diaz’s (Kirk Acevedo) deadly trio of assassins will have their sighs set on the former members of Team Arrow. In fact, each Hunter — Red Dart (Holly Elissa), the shield-loving Kodiak (Van Helsing’s Michael Jonsson), and Silencer (Miranda Edwards) — will essentially be paired against one of the heroes (Think Team Avatar vs. the Red Lotus on Legend of Korra, sort of.)

“They’re a force,” showrunner Beth Schwartz tells EW. “Each one has a different team member that they’ll go toe-to-toe with, specifically with what weapons they use.”

The Longbow Hunters are such formidable and threatening opponents — you know, in addition to the fact that the League of Assassins is scared of them — because they’re working together, whereas the members of Team Arrow aren’t, since they were forced to disband to keep their immunity.

“When you have a multitude of people who are sort of distracting [you] and working as a team toward evil, you’re, for lack of a better word, screwed,” says Emily Bett Rickards. “The team doesn’t necessarily have a designated leader since they’ve been broken up. It goes back to, what is everybody’s cost? If you don’t have the same amount of cost, you’re going to face disagreement and trouble and possibly not having good teamwork against three people that are working together as a team with a dedicated message, which is probably, at the root, of it evil. They’re kind of outnumbered in terms of mental game, which transfers into the powers that they have.”

Credit: Dean Buscher/The CW

As Diaz’s newest buddies deal with Team Arrow, Earth-2 Laurel (Katie Cassidy), the Dragon’s former partner in crime who took over as Star City’s D.A. in season 7, will be trying to figure out where she falls on the good-evil spectrum in the wake of Quentin’s (Paul Blackthorne) murder.

“She’s always sort of struggling with the line between good and evil, and she lies somewhere in between that. With Quentin’s death, she’s definitely been affected in terms of she wants to live her life how Quentin would’ve wanted her to, but the Black Siren in her is always going to exist,” says Schwartz. “Also, she has not forgotten about Diaz and how her father died, so she will definitely be wanting to seek revenge for Quentin’s death.”

Laurel spent most of last season out the outs with the team, but that’s going to change this season. “No one can fully trust her, obviously, but we are going to see some interesting team-ups with her and some of our team,” Schwartz teases.

Arrow airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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