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Did the Halloween movies get it wrong? Is Michael Myers not the masked serial killer we saw stabbing Laurie Strode on film? James Corden‘s team on The Late Late Show takes the true-crime template of Netflix’s Making a Murderer and brings it to the Halloween franchise to find out.

Michael (Corden) has been imprisoned for 40 years, though he claims he’s innocent. “I don’t know where this whole ‘he doesn’t talk thing’ came from. I thought I had the right to remain silent, but whatever,” he tells the camera. “Now I’m talking and what I’m saying is they got the wrong guy.”

Even his friend, Jason Voorhees, doesn’t believe Michael would kill anyone. But, you know, it comes down to a character reference from the Friday the 13th killer — excuse us, alleged Friday the 13th killer — against Laurie’s police statement confirming Michael stabbed her. Plus, there’s camera evidence (footage from the Halloween movies) showing Michael on the attack.

As with most true-crime spoofs, the killer goes free because of newly discovered evidence. This time, however, there are all the other Halloween movies to consider. So, yeah, Michael is back in the slammer.

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