Larry David offers three reasons why fellow HBO star Bill Maher is a great comic.

In the exclusive clip above from Maher’s upcoming anniversary special, the Curb Your Enthusiasm creator gives his take on why Maher has managed to stay in the game for decades.

“You need three qualities, really, to be a great comedian,” David explains. “One, obviously, you need to be funny. He’s not just funny, he’s quick. It never ceases to amaze me some of the stuff that he can come out with on the spot on that show. And you have to be smart, which he is, he can handle discussions on a wide variety of subjects. And the third quality, I think, is you have to be brave — and that’s really what sets him apart.”

The special looks back over his 25 years doing political humor and commentary on TV, from his early days on Comedy Central and ABC’s Politically Incorrect to his 15 years on HBO’s Real Time.

Here’s a promo for the special as a whole:

Real Time with Bill Maher: Anniversary Special debuts Friday on HBO.

Real Time With Bill Maher

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