By Nick Romano
October 18, 2018 at 09:08 AM EDT

Cardi B has never been one to hold back — not on social media, not on late-night talk shows. With her latest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, as part of the program’s stint in Brooklyn, the New York native got real about being a mom and the part of her body that will never recover from childbirth.

“Was childbirth easier or harder than you imagined it would be?” Kimmel asked.

“It was totally harder. She broke my vagina,” the rapper replied.

That was something she wish she knew beforehand. “Why nobody tells you about those things? Nobody told me they were gonna stitch my vagina,” Cardi B continued. “People would just be like, ‘Oh, you know, when you give birth, it’s gonna hurt,’ but nobody tells you, like, your vagina…”

On top of that, the “I Like It” rapper was surprised by how “feisty” and “demanding” her 3-month-old baby Kulture Kiari Cephus has become. Kimmel joked, “It’s not like she can do things for herself.”

Cardi also mentioned the struggles of trying to raise a baby in the public spotlight and how she’s “not mentally ready” to showcase baby Kulture to the world. “There are certain things that I wanna do with my daughter, like I want to go to the beach with my baby,” she said. “I want to take a stroll down the street with my baby and I can’t because I don’t know who’s next to me and who has certain intentions.”

Still, she’s ready to have two or three more kids: “I do feel like I need to rest, but, oh my god, the happiness that my baby brung me is like, I could do this over and over again.”

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