Long before Damon Salvatore was willing to die in order to save the town of Mystic Falls, he was The Vampire Diaries‘ first villain. Before the tomb vampires escaped and certainly before Katherine Pierce made her grand entrance, Damon was the “bad guy” that Stefan and company had to deal with. And for a few episodes, Vicki Donovan was Damon’s favorite target, including that time he threatened to throw her off a roof in an attempt to get Stefan to accept his true nature and feed on human blood. (Spoiler alert: Stefan resisted, and Vicki would go on to live … a little while longer.)

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, ' The Turning Point ', (Season 1, November 19, 20
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Speaking of that scene, former Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder posted a throwback photo from that rooftop encounter on his Instagram. The photo shows Somerhalder and Paul Wesley planning out the scene, which aired during the series’ second-ever episode, with director Marcos Siega.

Check out Somerhalder’s nostalgic post below:

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