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Leah Remini will again unleash her bulldog determination for another round of exposing the alleged evils of Scientology.

The actress behind the Emmy-winning docuseries Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath confirmed the program will return for season 3 on Tuesday, Nov. 27 with new episodes chronicling her ongoing fight against the church’s controversial operations.

Remini tweeted the news Wednesday, also sharing a photo of a billboard for the upcoming season.

Remini previously told EW season 3 could expand the show’s scope beyond Scientology, with the actress mentioning Jehovah’s Witnesses as potential subjects for future coverage.

“We’ve been getting an overwhelming amount of emails and people contacting us through [social media] about other cults that are similar [to Scientology], so I’m looking into that,” Remini said.

During a July interview with Ron Miscavige — former Scientologist and the father of the group’s current leader, David Miscavige — Remini said season 3 production has been plagued by repeated attacks from the church.

“It has been worse this season than any other season for us and for our contributors,” she explained. “They are kind of dialing up the attacks in that they’re going after people who are not used to this. They’re going after people who are just good men and women who are saying, ‘Listen, I wasn’t a Scientologist, but I was willing to speak out,’ or, ‘I want to know where my family member is after watching Going Clear and listening to what happened to everyone at the [Scientology international headquarters] Gold Base.’”

She continued: “They’re getting stonewalled again and getting attacked by Scientology. This is happening every day.… Every day that we have filmed the show, there has been some kind of attack from either Scientology… or just regular parishioners that they’re activating to attack.”

Across the first two seasons of Scientology and the Aftermath, the King of Queens and Kevin Can Wait actress partnered with ex-Scientology executive Mike Rinder for a deep dive into the inner-workings of the organization. The show featured dozens of interviews with reformed parishioners, who spoke candidly about what they claim to be harmful practices carried out by the church, including allegedly coerced abortions, cover-ups of sexual assault, and policies that lead to the separation of families.

Scientology has consistently refuted claims made by Remini and the show’s participants, calling the series “nothing more than a scripted, rehearsed, acted, and dramatized work of fiction.”

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