Jimmy Kimmel got the rapper to sing about symbiotes from a skyscraper

By Christian Holub
October 16, 2018 at 10:49 AM EDT

Amidst Jimmy Kimmel‘s latest stay in New York City, he recruited superstar rapper Eminem as a musical guest on Monday night’s show. But this wasn’t your typical late-night musical performance — Eminem didn’t just rap his new song “Venom,” written for the Tom Hardy superhero movie of the same name; he rapped it from on top of the Empire State Building.

Eminem rapped his “Venom” lyrics through the hallways and elevators of the famous skyscraper until he made it to the roof, where he performed alongside flashing colorful lights on top of the city. Of course, since this is Jimmy Kimmel Live! we’re talking about, the extended performance wasn’t totally straight-laced. At one point, Eminem’s microphone failed while he was still making his way through the bowels of the Empire State Building. He came face-to-face with Kimmel’s sidekick Guillermo, and the two shared an awkward elevator ride until Eminem could finally return to his rooftop rapping.

Eminem’s song “Venom” can be heard over the credits of the film Venom, but it first appeared as the last track on Eminem’s new album Kamikaze back in August. EW even included some of the song’s lyrics (“Ain’t no telling when this chokehold / On this game will end, I’m loco / Became a symbiote, so / My fangs are in your throat, ho”) in our round-up of the ‘most Eminem’ lyrics on Kamikaze. After all, what other rapper could so easily include the made-up comic-book term “symbiote” in their rhymes?

Watch the full performance above.

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