By Lynette Rice
October 14, 2018 at 01:43 AM EDT
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Kanye West’s crazy appearance in the Oval Office on Oct. 11 made it easy for Saturday Night Live to figure out how to start this week’s installment, even though that meant name-checking the rapper for an incredible third week in a row. Besides being the butt of jokes in Weekend Update, there was even a skit featuring a West song that had nothing to do with the rapper. SNL just can’t quit you, Kanye!

Cold open

Alec Baldwin reprised his role as Donald Trump to recreate the president’s notorious Oval Office meeting with Kanye. But no amount of yuks like “I flew here using the power of this [Maga] hat” and ‘I’m a prisoner in a different dimension…have I lost anyone so far” could top the real-life meltdown by West himself. But Chris Redd sure tried to memorialize the moment, with a little help from Kenan Thompson as former NFL Player Jim Brown.


After waxing on about leaving SNL to host a late night show “100 yards down the hall,” host Seth Meyers kept the memory of West front and center by talking about a skit the rapper did for the show in 2007. West embraced the chance to play a guy who interrupts award shows like Kids Choice and the Nobel Prize. But here was the so-called zinger: It happened two years before he actually interrupted Taylor Swift at the Video Music Awards.

Best Kate McKinnon moment

During a “Thirsty Cops” skit that had Leslie Jones and Ego Nwodim playing female cops who salivate over a man (Meyers) they just pulled over because “he’s fine as hell,” McKinnon joins in on the pick-up parade by announcing on the car radio that “this suspect is exactly my style.” “What’s inappropriate sir, is you walking around with that ass,” she says.

Weekend Update

After a few yuks about climate change and a relatively ho-hum performance by Heidi Gardner as a Goop employee, Meyers joined Michael Che and Colin Jost in a rousing round of “Really?” The topic? West in the White House, natch. While flashing a photo of Trump and West hugging, Meyers quipped, “Man, it is so rare that you can see black people and white supremacists betrayed in the exact same moment.” Che also mentioned how he negotiated the use of four n-words in his contract this season, so he was ready to use his first one to address West: “How much does this n— owe in taxes?”

Best skit

Beck Bennett as Bayou Benny, host of the “Liberal Lagniappe” on Lafayette public access TV. It featured Meyers as himself, Gardner as Taylor Swift, McKinnon as a chili pepper, and somebody dressed up as a gator who lives underneath the house. About 40 percent of Bennett’s Louisiana-rich dialect was discernible, which made it all the more awesome.

Best attempt at a good sketch

Meyers played a prisoner who found himself in the same cell with Bill Cosby (Thompson, in his best moment of the night). “I’m in my prime, in jail and loving it,” Thompson quipped. “No kids who say the darndest things, limited interaction with Camille…and I had no idea the staple food is Jello.”

Most-committed host moment

Meyers plays a middle-aged man who orders a testerone-building supplement on TV that turns him into a brand new man who runs faster and lasts longer in the sack — except it’s he’s devolved into a “full psycho” who wears skin tight muscle shirts and pleasures his wife so hard that she has to ice her hoo-ha. He’s an aggressive alpha nightmare!

Up next

SNL will re-run this season’s premiere featuring Adam Driver and West (!!) on Oct. 20 before returning with a fresh installment on Nov. 3 with host Jonah Hill and Maggie Rogers.

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