When Supernatural returned for its 14th season, Dean wasn’t the only one looking a little different (mostly because he’s the archangel Michael at the moment). In Dean’s absence, Sam Winchester had spent the past three weeks working non-stop trying to lead the hunters in the bunker, and of course, trying to locate his brother. The one thing Sam didn’t have time to do? Shave. Yep, Sam was sporting a beard.

“He’s had more important stuff on his plate than shaving,” Jared Padalecki told EW during a premiere screening and Q&A event. “That was the idea behind the aesthetic difference, was more like Sam’s busy doing other things. So we’ll see how he ends up finally getting freshly shorn.”

But it seems that wasn’t the entire story behind the beard. According to Padalecki’s costar Jensen Ackles, Ackles was the first one to request a beard for the character of Michael, but when he was turned down, he gave Padaleki a call and suggested he give it a try. Apparently, Sam’s more of a beard guy than Michael.

Watch Padalecki and Ackles explain the full story in the video above.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on the CW.

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