By Ruth Kinane
October 12, 2018 at 10:02 AM EDT

Get ready for a serious bread stick craving.

When Jimmy Fallon admitted to Post Malone that he’d never eaten at the Olive Garden on Thursday night’s episode of The Tonight Show, there was only one solution: an impromptu dinner date at the Italian chain restaurant.

On arrival at the establishment, Fallon was shocked to hear that in addition to the free, unlimited salad and breadsticks, guests at the Olive Garden are also welcome to participate in free wine tasting. Naturally the guys got right to it. An Olive Garden regular himself, Malone took no time in showing the talk show host his usual techniques, which included slathering extra butter on the already-buttery breadsticks. Fallon showed his inexperience however when he momentarily thought dunking said breadstick in his wine might be a good idea. Reader, it was not.

All in all, Fallon seemed to enjoy his first-time experience though, repeatedly asking “how do you guys make money here?” Apparently, you can even order a laundry basket full of croutons at the restaurant if you so desire — but that might be a delicacy reserved solely for celebrities.

Watch the clip above and make your dinner reservations STAT.

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