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Anyone who knows the 1989 cult-classic Heathers knows that Heather Chandler isn’t the nicest — and the same goes for the TV reboot version of the character.

“I’m a f—ing good person,” the high school queen bee (Melanie Field) tells Trailer Parker (Brett Cooper) in a preview clip from the series exclusive to EW.

Beginning Thursday, Oct. 25, Paramount Network (formerly Spike TV) will air nine episodes of the previously shelved small-screen reboot. Two episodes will air each night for five consecutive nights, culminating in a Heathers-themed episode of Lip Sync Battle. The nine episodes will also begin streaming on Paramount Network’s app and website Oct. 22.

The season originally featured 10 episodes, but Paramount will air only the first nine, edited into a cliffhanger. “I am beyond excited that American audiences will finally get to see Heathers,” showrunner Jason Micallef said in a statement. “Obviously I wish fans could see the 10th episode but the producers and I felt strongly about not changing anything in it, and so, it’s been considered too controversial for U.S. audiences. Still, every day at this job is a delightful dream so it’s hard to complain. Plus, what matters most is fans will now get to see the satire we all love so much.”

Credit: Paramount Network

In a trailer for the series, Shannen Doherty — who starred in the Heathers film as Heather Duke — reveals she has a “limited but very memorable role” on the show, and she discusses it in the current issue of EW: “[At first,] I said, ‘No. I don’t know how you could ever, ever remake it.'” But then she read the script. “I was blown away by how good it was, and how [Micallef] managed to be respectful to the original but also bring his own spin to it,” says Doherty. “I had to do it.”

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