Credit: Greg Gayne / Netflix

Netflix has a new song to sing!

On Thursday, the streaming giant dropped the first trailer for its upcoming unscripted docuseries Westside and from the looks of the clip, there’s plenty of music-based drama to come. Premiering via the streaming giant on November 9, the show follows nine aspiring singers in Hollywood as they work with one another to kickstart their careers. Naturally, this sparks diva behavior, personality clashes and pressure to keep things interesting along the way.

With just five weeks to put a show together, the up-and-coming singers have cast their fears and differences aside to create a production that’ll “change their lives forever” — according to the trailer anyway. Billed as a cross between Glee and The Hills, we know one thing for sure: there will be tears — and songs, of course!

Artists featured on the first season of the show include, Pia Toscano, Taz Zavala, Arika Gluck, James Byous, Caitlyn Ary, Leo Gallo, Alexandra Kay, Austin Kolbe, and Sean Patrick Murray, with at least 18 of their songs set to debut throughout.

Westside drops November 9 on Netflix. Watch the trailer above.

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