The most musically talented member of Ryan Murphy’s coven makes her grand return tonight.

Music icon Stevie Nicks is the latest American Horror Story alumni to appear on Apocalypse. The singer, who played herself in season three’s Coven, will appear in tonight’s episode as announced by Ryan Murphy via his Instagram.

In Coven, the singer actually performed her song “Seven Wonders,” which was also the name of the gauntlet the witches had to endure in order to be deemed the all-powerful Supreme.

Apocalypse has been teased as a Murder House/Coven crossover with characters from both seasons appearing in the latest AHS. Most of the witches from Coven have returned, like Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) and Madison (Emma Roberts), but we have yet to see Misty Day (Lily Rabe), who was Stevie Nicks’ greatest fan. So maybe tonight will also see the return of that character?

Apocalypse airs tonight at 10 p.m. on FX.

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