Don’t you want to see someone like John Cena play Jimmy Fallon’s Box of Lies? A man who doesn’t take himself too seriously and always seems to have a ball? Sure you do. You also probably want to watch him do what Fallon deemed “the dumbest thing” in the game’s history.

Cena went first in this recurring Tonight Show game on Tuesday’s episode and he pulled out a lipstick container. He proceeded to describe “the object” as bearing “precious metal” and “gem stone,” and containing lipstick.

“So what you’re saying is it’s a bejeweled lipstick? Yeah, why didn’t you just say that in the first place?” Fallon said, savagely joshing his guest. “That is ridiculous. This is the dumbest thing that anyone’s ever done in the history of the game, Box of Lies. If that’s really a lipstick container, that took 20 minutes for you to describe.”

The funnier part was Cena didn’t even look inside the lipstick, otherwise he would’ve found it contained a tiny plastic hand instead of actual lipstick. “That would’ve been something to talk about,” Fallon laughed.

Cena ended up losing the game, but that’s only because Fallon somehow knew the actor loved cars and saw right through his fib, as impressive as it sounded to the rest of the audience.

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