“Who do you fear most?” Russian President Viktor Petrov (Lars Mikkelson) asks Underwood ride-or-die Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly), to which he responds, “Her.”

The her, of course, is Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), the first lady-turned-vice president-turned-president, who has the eyes of the nation and her enemies on her in the trailer for the sixth and final season of House of Cards.

“I think she might be the worse thing to ever happen to this country,” declares a reporter in the opening montage of the new footage.

The memory of Claire’s late husband Francis, who was killed off the show following numerous sexual allegations against Kevin Spacey, looms large, but among the living that the first female president must be deal with are Doug, her VP (Campbell Scott), and the powerful Shepherd family (Greg Kinnear, Diane Lane, and Cody Fern).

The final season of House of Cards begins streaming Nov. 2 on Netflix.

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Ballots, betrayal, and barbecue combine in Netflix’s original drama, which stars Kevin Spacey as cunning congressman Frank Underwood and Robin Wright as his equally ruthless Lady Macbeth. Based on a 1990 BBC serial of the same name.

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